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June 20, 2008

Manage your TFS Favorites

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TFS Favorites?? What’s that you say. Funny that there are a lot of folks that never heard of these yet they see the node in Team Explorer all the time.

Team Explorer has a My Favorites node located directly under the Team Foundation Server node. The My Favorites node contains your favorites, which are shortcuts to team project nodes. You can use favorites to quickly access team project nodes that you frequently use.



To Add nodes to the My Favorites, you can simply drag and drop them onto the My Favorites node


To Remove, you simply right-click and select the Remove option. You will also notice from the screen shot that you have all the other options that are available for the type of node that you are working with.


Because the My Favorites are stored at the server level, when you change servers, your My Favorites will also change. The other item to note is that if you drag the same link from multiple projects it will try to replace it. You can only have one link named “My Work Items”. To get around that you have the ability to create folders under the My Favorites node to organize the link nodes as shown below.



I hope you find this tip useful.



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