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April 23, 2008

Guidance Bundles on Codeplex

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Eric Lee recently blogged about the Guidance Bundles on Codeplex. I was intrigued by these so I decided to take a look at them for myself. I was surprised to find some rather neat guidance around various ASP.Net items. The one I was really drawn to was the Model-View-Presenter guidance. I have always been a big fan of the MVP Pattern when developing web apps. It really makes it easy for me to unit test my apps. Another benefit is that it can raise the level of reusable code I have. It makes it so much easier for me to rip off the UI and replace it with say a WinForm or Mobile UI. I will definitely be digging it to the guidance they present and compare it to the methods I use. Should be interesting to see how similar or different they are.

So what is a Guidance Bundle?

A Guidance Bundle is a small package of guidance whose purpose is to allow users to quickly, conveniently, and easily learn and evaluate a concept.
Although a Bundle can contain any type of guidance, it typically includes the following elements:

  • Source code: QuickStarts and related artifacts.
  • Binaries: Application block binaries required by the QuickStarts .
  • Written documentation: QuickStarts description and How-To topics.
  • Guidance Package: Visual Studio Automation for performing development activities in accordance with our guidance.
  • Reference Implementation: Applications that illustrate usage of our guidance in action.

If you are developing web apps in ASP.NET I suggest that you check these out.



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