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March 26, 2008

Package What? PackageThis!!

Filed under: Team System — phacker @ 11:30 pm

Ever seen content on MSDN and then never be able to find it again? For that matter what about content on TechNet? I am constantly finding info on one of the two sites and then never seeing it again. Even better I have a list of links that point to various areas of MSDN just to try and find info quicker. It does not work well all the time.

While sitting in on the recent IndyTFS meeting, the presenter was looking at documentation on MSDN and the audience was interested in getting that info so they could review it. Not sure why, but I remembered that there was a tool that would allow me to package up the content into a .chm file that I could have available offline and I could even make downloadable to the group. A quick search and I found the tool that is now available on CodePlex called PacakgeThis.

So if you ever wanted to get content off MSDN or TechNet and have it packaged in a way that makes it easier for you to use then I suggest you look at this tool. I really am surprised that I have not heard more folks using this tool given that finding info on MSDN can be a pain. I now I am going to be using it more often.



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