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November 27, 2007

TFS Times Newsletter

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About 2 months ago I was leading a meeting at the Indy TFS SIG when I was asked about all the resouces out there on VSTS and TFS. What I found was that there are a lot of people that do NOT read blogs voraciously, do NOT realize the MSDN forums are a great place to get answers and had NOT heard of the site. These folks are just average IT workers that go home and spend their evenings watching TV, hanging out with the family, or do other constructive activities. It was then that I realized that most IT people are not as driven by the same things that I am, but still hunger for quality information that they can use during their day to day activities around VSTS and TFS. This has led me to start a newsletter focused on VSTS and TFS called the TFS Times. You may say well that is just rehashing all the same stuff that is out there already, or what’s wrong with just going to teamsystemrocks. Well like I said, there are people that have not heard about a lot of these sites, or just do not know how to decipher all the info that is out there. Case in point, try finding all the good content on MSDN. I can even get overwelhmed! I hope that you will take the time out to visit the site as well as sign up. I will publish a monthly newsletter. Not changing it all the time, just once a month. The goal is to pick a topic then gather all the good relevent info from around the web on that topic and stuff it in a news letter for you to enjoy. The first issue was short, but the response so far has been great and I have folks signing up everyday. I would hope to top 100 subscribers by the end of the year and try to get to 1000 by this time next year. Maybe I am expecting too much, but I think its doable. If I hit that 1000 mark, I want to publish it in a hard copy just like any other magazine. I hope to provide you the only VSTS/TFS focused periodical with the higest quality info. It will only continue to get better over time as we flesh out a good layout and add much more content. Speaking of content, i am always looking for folks to contribute and get their 15 minutes of fame. There is no way that I can shoulder the whole thing all the time, but I will do my hardest to try and make sure it is packed full of good info. In the mean time go and enjoy.


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