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October 25, 2007

TeamSpec review

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Last night I had the opportunity to demo a new product coming from Personify Design called TeamSpec. Some of you may have heard of these guys as they also created a TFS plug-in for Outlook called TeamLook. Ok so I really wanted to put their new product through its paces. This tool plugs into Word 2007 and allows you to create and manage workitems using Word. It is just another way to show how the TFS API allows for some really cool extensions. The scope of the product is to provide a “rich project management requirement experience”. I believe that it will do that. I say will because the product is currently in a CTP/Beta mode so it is not completely ready for prime time. If you have not looked into this product and you feel that TFS is short in this area, then you really need to test drive the product. I will say that I was disappointed that I was not able to use a new template, or what they call a Skin, using the tool. The tool kept crashing on me and although it created the Skin, it never allowed me to use it in the document. Think of the Skin as the template by which you lay out your requirements in the Word doc. All in all it was a good demo, most of the functionality worked as advertised and the product was well received by the group. So much so that a few said that they would like to play with it in a more realistic environment.

So it seems that the folks at Personify Design are well on track to creating another great tool that will allow anyone who works with documentation and TFS to do so in a more seamless manner. At least the Requirements gathering can now take place in Word, where most folks will do it, and be able to push that right into TFS and eliminate the need to re-key all the info. I am really looking forward to the finished product.




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