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May 19, 2007

Sync Google Cal and Outlook

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I tend to live in Outlook when I am at home. Consequently all of my important dates are in there at home or on my phone when i remember to sync. My wife also is busy and has her own calendar, which I have no clue what  is on it. Needless to say we tend to forget when we remind each other of upcoming appointments. Now I decided that I would try Google calendars to see if this would be a great place to store both of our schedules. This tends to work well, as long as I am always looking at my Google Calendar, which I am not. So I went looking to see if there was a way that i could sync the Google and Outlook calendars and then in the process my phone would also be updated (if I sync).

I found what looked to be a great product and free to boot, named Remote Calendars. Well it was not so great, in fact i could never get anything about it to work. So back on the hunt I went. I found another promising product called SyncMyCal. It looked like these folks had been thinking ahead and had a edition that worked with Outlook 2007. So i went after it. There is a free trial and a 25.00USD version. I opted for the free version to see what it was like. Installed easy and was syncing calendars in minutes. has been working like a charm ever since. I think its time to buy the full version which offers me unlimited date sync and auto sync, two features not in the free version.

If you need a tool to sync Google and Outlook, look at this gem.



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