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May 2, 2007

Binding Custom Objects to Combobox in WPF

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I have been struggling with trying to bind an IList<T> that holds custom objects to my combobox in WPF. I am implementing the MVP Design Pattern and have a WPF User Control as a container for other User Controls that I create during runtime. I set a property in the parent container presenter to hold my IList<T> of objects. I then created my custom controls in the parent container presenter and then created a function to set the properties of the combobox for the data binding. So far it looked like so:


Property to hold custom objects

private IList<CustomObjects> _customObjectsList;

public IList<CustomObjects> CustomObjectsList




             return _customObjectsList;




                _customObjectsList = value;




User action to create new controls


public void ClickedAddButton(Object sender, EventArgs e)


 ChildUserControlView newChildUserControlView = new ChildUserControlView (); 

            ParentContainer.Children.Add(newChildUserControlView );


            newChildUserControlView .Focus();

            BindCombobox(newChildUserControlView );




private void BindCombobox(ChildUserControlView pvv)


pvv.Combobox.ItemsSource = _customObjectsList;

pvv.Combobox.DisplayMemberPath = “ShortName”;

pvv.Combobox.SelectedValuePath = “Id”;

pvv.Combobox.SelectedIndex = 0;


I then ran the program and all was working well except that I could not ever get the combobox to show the “ShortName” property value in the combobox when selected. It was always the <objectname>.ToSting().

Everything I had read up to that point seemed to say that I was binding correctly. i even attempted to create resoucres in the Xaml and even went as far as creating the bindings from scratch in code. Still no luck. I then ran across this article….  that pointed me to DataTemplates. I decided to give it a try. I created a simple template as seen in the article. I then modified my BindCombobox method like so:


private void BindCombobox(ChildUserControlView pvv)


pvv.ComboBox.DataContext = _customObjectsList;



Now all is working well.  Please read the attached article as I am not going to rehash it, but by setting the DataContext and using a DataTemplate. I was up and going. I am not sure why this did not work out the way I had started and I even posted to the MSDN forums with no real answer. So I have now discovered that there might be something really cool about these DataTemplates and I have a better understanding of them.  Growth through adversity :-).



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