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April 10, 2007

VSIPFactory has been released

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Wow. This tool looks like it will be awesome to get a jumpstart on creating VS Packages and add-ins. Guess I need to install and play around a bit.



Learn WPF articles

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I ran across this series of 4 articles while browsing for some quick WPF knowledge. Josh has done a great job of exposing folks to the basic WPF info while supplying some great links to other relevant content. Check him out here:


Cool WorkItem Tool

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Brian Harry blogged about this tool. so I decided that I wanted to see how it compared to other tools (TeamRM) for working with workitem hierarchies. This tool is pretty slick. I can create, modify and send to recycle, workitems. It utilizes some cool icons and has a really polished look to it. There is a field for the ParentID much like the TeamRM tool. What I like about the TeamRM tool is the drag-drop functionality, undo, and delete( remove link) features. What really draws me to the TeamRM tool is the fact that it is integrated into the IDE. I think that a combination of these two tools would surely make for one killer WorkItem management tool. Maybe in the near future?? who knows.


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