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April 12, 2007

VSTS Testing Videos

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Chris Menegay of Notion Solutions has put together a set of videos that focus on the testing capabilities of VS2005 for Testers. You can get the videos here.


April 10, 2007

VSIPFactory has been released

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Wow. This tool looks like it will be awesome to get a jumpstart on creating VS Packages and add-ins. Guess I need to install and play around a bit.


Learn WPF articles

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I ran across this series of 4 articles while browsing for some quick WPF knowledge. Josh has done a great job of exposing folks to the basic WPF info while supplying some great links to other relevant content. Check him out here:


Cool WorkItem Tool

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Brian Harry blogged about this tool. so I decided that I wanted to see how it compared to other tools (TeamRM) for working with workitem hierarchies. This tool is pretty slick. I can create, modify and send to recycle, workitems. It utilizes some cool icons and has a really polished look to it. There is a field for the ParentID much like the TeamRM tool. What I like about the TeamRM tool is the drag-drop functionality, undo, and delete( remove link) features. What really draws me to the TeamRM tool is the fact that it is integrated into the IDE. I think that a combination of these two tools would surely make for one killer WorkItem management tool. Maybe in the near future?? who knows.


April 6, 2007

Enterprise Library 3.0 released

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Get it here:

One of the new features is that it is supposedly easier to create your own ApplicationBlocks. You will find other resources at this link also including a webcast from March 27th on the new features.

WorkItem Custom Control issues

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It seems that there are some issues with VS2005 sp1 and WorkItem custom control creation. I recently rebuild my machine and started to experience some odd behavior with the new workitems that I was creating. The controls had been working prior to the rebuild so I was puzzled when the new ones I was trying to upload kept failing. The workitems also had references to a new control that I had just created. I have other controls that have been working fine so I was puzzled when I received the following error during import:

Xml validation error at row 396, column 12: The ‘Type’ attribute is invalid – The value ‘WorkItemBtnMsgReference’ is invalid according to its datatype ‘
e’ – The Enumeration constraint failed.

The other oddity that really should have alerted me that something was amiss was this error that I got when I was building the new control:

Method ‘add_AfterUpdateDatasource’ in type ‘WitCustomLabel.WILabel’ from assembly WitCustomLabel, Version=1.0.2506.23549, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’ does not have an implementation.

The method should have been IWorkItemControl.AfterUpdateDatasource, but instead i had to remove the IWorkItemControl to get it to build.

The bottom line is that The WorkitemTracking.Client dll did not get updated when I installed the VS2005 SP1. The resolution for myself was to reinstall the sp1. I then tried to upload the new workitem containing my new control and recieved an error that the AfterUpdateDatasource had not been implemented. I had to go back and put the IWorkItemControl back in and rebuilt. After this all was well and I have another new WorkItem control.

Apperently this is a big deal since I found quite a few forum postings on both of these topics. So I hope that this will find its way to those that may be experiencing these issues.



April 3, 2007

Expressions products on MSDN

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Finally, after a deluge of requests from customers for the Expression products to be made available on MSDN, its a reality. Soma has posted that the Blend and Web products will be made available as a part of an MSDN Premium subscription. Expression Web will be available immediately and Blend, shorly after its release in Q2. You can read the full post here:


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